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Chelsea Furious After ‘Ice Cream Delay’ Ruins Preparation For Aston Villa Game

Chelsea are said to be fuming after a particularly bizarre, ice cream-related delay spoiled their pre-match preparation against Aston Villa for their final Premier League game of the season.

The London club have complained to the Premier League after their team bus was held up for 15 minutes on the way into Villa Park, with stewards who should have been clearing the way instead tucking into delicious ice cream (per SportsMail‘s report).

Chelsea got into the ground late for a match that was crucial to their top-four hopes, after they were told that staff on the gate didn’t have permission from the head of security to allow them entry.

However Thomas Tuchel, his players and staff – with nothing to do but sit and stare – allegedly couldn’t help but notice two stewards blocking the coach and eating ice creams with Flakes and raspberry sauce, rather than clearing a path to a parking space.

A particularly detailed description to be sure. But then if we were stuck on a non-moving coach and someone was eating ice cream in front of our jealous faces, we too would be taking in every detail.

After their entry to the stadium was held up, the Blues reported asked for kick-off to be delayed to allow enough time to prepare. However the request was denied, as all start times are the same for all 10 matches on the final day of the season for integrity reasons.

Chelsea actually lodged a complaint before the game, per SportsMail, so this wasn’t just a case of sour grapes (or sour raspberries) after their 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa on Sunday.

The result eventually did not cost Tuchel’s side too dearly, as Tottenham’s 4-2 victory over Leicester meant Chelsea still finished in the top four (albeit slipping below Liverpool to fourth in the table).

Apparently sources at Villa claim that the visitors were due to arrive at 2.30pm for the 4pm kick-off, but that Chelsea’s bus turned up 10 minutes late and that they were then delayed by a further seven minutes.

According to Villa, the reason for any delay was that the road was busy with fans who were arriving early due to the Covid measures in place, rather than any flakiness on the part of their stewards.


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