Jurgen Klopp claims “world not ready” for Liverpool before sending warning to squad

    Jurgen Klopp claims

    Jurgen Klopp claims “world not ready” for Liverpool before sending warning to squad

    Liverpool’s latest stage of mission Quadruple sees them face Man City in the FA Cup semi-final this weekend, with history already made by still possibly winning the Premier League and Champions League.

    Liverpool have already made history by taking their quadruple quest into the final month of the season.

    But Jurgen Klopp has warned his side it will mean NOTHING…unless they back it up by deliver the holy grail of trophies at the end of a remarkable campaign. No team has ever reached the three biggest semi finals available in European football, while fighting it out for the title…and in all Anfield history, even their greatest teams have never been anywhere near this position.

    Their manager though, knows they will be judged at the end of the campaign: “Imagine if we had done the same for five years, huh? That would be great…three semi-finals and winning nothing. The world is not ready for this kind of success! No, it’s true (we have written history). This specific thing, nobody did it in this club. I’m really happy for the boys. This club it is so difficult to do something that our fathers and grandfathers didn’t do already. So it is really special.

    But, yeah, I know…If that is the success this year, it will not be seen as success in the future.” No team in Europe has ever delivered a quadruple, and even though Klopp believes Liverpool are FAR better equipped now than ever before to pursue multiple trophies, he is adamant he would still be happy with just one more.

    “In the year that we got to the Champions League final and won that – and were challenging for the title – we didn’t have the squad size but we came through,” he said. “We only didn’t become champions because of 11mms or whatever. We carried on in the Champions League. Imagine that? It is always intense.

    “This year is especially intense but it is enjoyable and exciting. Is it likely that we win the four competitions? No. Three competitions? No. One more? Hopefully. That would be nice.”



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